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Travertine Floors and Countertop Installer in Glibert AZ
Kitchen Countertops and Floor Tile Installer in Glibert AZ

The finest quality and largest selections are available from the top tile installer in Gilbert Arizona.  Our expert tile installation and design professionals will put together some fantastic tiling arrangements for: living rooms, mosaics, backsplashes, flooring, countertops, and so much more!  Our customers love their installations, and we guarantee you’re gonna love it too.

With 20+ years of professional experience tiling, Tile Installation Gilbert is high on the top of the list for tile contractors in the Gilbert area. Our exceptional tiling designs, solutions, schemes, and combinations for both commercial and residential tiling installations are world class. With a diverse selection and variety of top Grade A tiles, you’ll definitely find just the perfect tile type and combination from the following options:

Countertop Installer and Tile Installer Professionals

Tile Installation Gilbert’s always ready to help handle a variety of tile and countertop installation projects. Whether it’s interior mortar mixed or exterior mechanically anchored in place, out team of tile installers have the expertise and knowledge to finish the job right.  With the finest Grade A materials, our shower tile installers will redesign your shower to have that timeless modern-day artistic masterpiece we all love.  You’ll enjoy your newly remodeled shower for generations to come.  Tile installation is just one facet of our full-service business.  We have access to some of the best looking ceramic tiles on the market.

Pool Floor tile Installation done right with our top tier swimming pool tile installer

With the biggest options of swimming pool tile and pool deck tile in the Gilbert Arizona area, you’ll be more than happy with the variety of shades and recent designs of pool ceramic tile that’s available. Our best pool tile installer will certainly help make sure your swimming pool brings out the best in home entertainment and backyard leisure! Having a few cracked or loose pool tiles are an indicator of premature tile failure on your pool deck or swimming pool floor tile system. This could indicate a large problem for your pool tile in the future. Stop potentially serious injuries from taking place to your friends and family by letting Tile Installation Gilbert deal with your pool’s ceramic tile replacement project.

Tile Installation Gilbert installs tiling for kitchen countertops, outdoor barbecues, outdoor fireplaces, indoor fireplaces, floors, patios, pool decks, and all types of wall surface installations as well.  We continually provide the best quality Grade A tiling and utilize the highest quality installation procedures.  In bathrooms and kitchens, we always use water tight fracture free membrane grouting.  These areas require extra care to make sure your home or business stays moisture free and dry.  In order to keep your tiling looking beautiful for a long time, we always apply grout and tile sealant to our new installations.  Our variety of floor tile arrangements and patterns range from standard common placement to modern-day styles.  If you’re looking for a great local tile contractor, just remember Tile Installation Gilbert will add that extra charm and sparkle to your installation.  These designs and installations will add value to your home or business and increase the potential resale value as well.  The most important however, is the comfort and relaxing feeling you’ll have with your family, friends, and neighbors around your new installation.  With the best tile installer for your project, you’re guaranteed to have a lifetime warranty on the craftsmanship for your tile system.

We offer some of the best imported and domestic ceramic tiles.  They’re rated for use in commercial, household, and industrial applications.  Our work happens where you need it.  We do outdoor tiling installations around pools, patios, walkways, and driveways as well.  We’ve been apart of upgrades in restaurants, office buildings, workplace buildings, storefronts, shopping facilities and schools.  Our competent staff of installation experts handles ceramic tile installations in bathrooms, residential kitchens, commercial kitchens, showers, fireplaces indoors and outdoors, driveways, outdoor patios, spas, pools, and other wall surfaces throughout Gilbert Arizona and the Phoenix East Valley.

Granite Countertops and Tile Installer in Glibert AZ


Stain resistant durable counter and tile material thats dense

Granite Countertop and Flooring

Granite’s beauty is made from the intense heat when it turns to a crystalline in the igneous rock layer.  It’s quite common to see Granite as a countertop in a kitchen.  By visiting our Granite page, you’ll learn more about this great material.

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Travertine Tile Installer in Glibert AZ


Great aged appearance and comfortable vibes

Travertine Flooring

Travertine is completely unique because it looks aged from day one.  It can be among the easiest tiles to replace because they typically have the same color trends.  Travertine has been a hot selling trend for years, and it’s easy to understand why.  Click the link to learn more about this great material.

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Ceramic Shower Tile Installer in Glibert AZ


Affordable Kiln-fired material to use anywhere

Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic is quite similar to Porcelain, but has a higher absorption rate.  The glazing process to make Ceramic is what makes them end up being shiny.  There’s more sizes, colors, and shapes to pick from with Ceramic than any other type.  Click on the link to check out this value packed material today.

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Porcelain Tile Installer in Glibert AZ


Quite durable and more affordable than natural

Porcelain Flooring

Porcelain’s manufacturing process is quite similar to Ceramic, except Porcelain is less absorptive and even shinier.  However, this tile’s density makes it more durable and quite suited for showers, kitchens, pools, and bathrooms.  Learn how to save money and time using Porcelain on your tiling project below.

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Wood Look Tile Installer in Glibert AZ

Wood Look

The word is out about ceramic Wood Look Floors

Wood Look Flooring

With such a broad appeal, it’s no wonder people love this option, especially with the low maintenance it brings too! This great material doesn’t expand like natural wood, doesn’t crack, warp, or stain.  The best part is that it actually looks like real wood and it stays cool.  Click below to learn more

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Slate Tile Installer in Glibert AZ


Excellent flooring material. High density and timeless appearance

Slate Flooring

Slate is super durable and resilient against cracks, scratches, chips, and breaks.  There’s a lot of different natural colors and styles to pick from.  Your home or business will have that rich feel with Slate installed.  You’ll be able to feel the energy it imparts on any atmosphere.  Learn more by clicking below.

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Gilbert Marble Tile Installer


The beauty that never goes old or outdated

Marble Flooring

There’s very little that can beat the appearance of a highly polished Marble floor.  The translucent qualities of this material has its own flavor of uniqueness, and stays cooler in summer because of its thermal properties.  Check out the link below to learn about Marble flooring and all its beauty.

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Quartzite Countertop and Tile Installer in Glibert AZ


Long lasting and highly durable tile material

Quartzite Flooring

This material is well known for being scratch resistant.  Quartzite won’t fade in the hot sunlight, and its super stain resistant.  If you’re considering lower maintenance and less expensive options to Marble, this is the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor kitchens.  Learn about this sparkling beauty material

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Natural Rock Tile Installer in Glibert AZ

Natural Stone

Well fitting for bathrooms and showers

Stone Flooring

Looking for a way to blend a bit of the outdoors with the indoors?  This naturally occurring material is a great for a variety of bathroom installations.  The vibe and feeling of natural stone tile brings that feeling of peace and tranquility into your home.  Click the link below and learn all about Stones and Pebbles.

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We’re always here to help you solve design and budget issues involving your tile and countertop project.  Tile Installation Gilbert supplies the top brands and Grade A tiles available today, because quality is super important in creating a long lasting installation.  We’re in business to have the best tile installer provide the best customer service, the most affordable options, and without sacrificing any quality.  Our tile installation team knows that every great installation begins with a properly prepared foundation and base.  Bathroom tile installations that are not installed properly can start cracking and molding, and we double check that our work was performed properly, every time.  That is part of our dedicated procedure plan to ensure that you’ll be enjoying your new tiling or countertop for decades into the future.

There’s a reason why tiling has been around forever, and it won’t be leaving the market any time soon.  The material properties of tile help make flooring and countertops be as beautiful as they are dependable.  The Tile Installation Gilbert team knows how to infuse decorative accent tiling into your installation.  This helps every customer have a unique tile layout and system that is original to their home or office only.  If you’re in the market for a great installation in Gilbert… We’re always here to help take care of you.  Tile Installation Gilbert warranties 100% of the product materials and workmanship for every installation.  We guarantee customer satisfaction for all project sizes and scope.

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