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One of the most affordable tiling choices to pick from is Ceramic tile.  Ceramic tile is super common and comes in a enormous variety of colors, styles, and shapes due it’s low price point.  For the most part, Ceramic is not considered to be the classy or elegant, but we think once you see the options you’ll reconsider that thought.  Ceramic tile has a starting price at around $2.00 per square foot for the material, and that’s hard to beat.  There’s so much to Ceramic’s popularity besides it’s low cost.  Tile Installation Gilbert helps every customer with the options that will be best suited for their lifestyle and place of installation.  What’s good about the ceramics, is that manufacturing facilities are now keeping track of the hardness levels of this material by doing a PEI abrasion test.  By doing this testing process, they’re able to measure and document the tile’s hardness on a scale from 0 through 5.  The test results are an indication of what environment you should consider using them in, and we’ll help you make the best determination based on what the area traffic will likely be.  If you’re looking for something even stronger, we recommend checking out Porcelain Tile.

 If you’re in tune to lowering your foot print on the environment, we recommend choosing from the post-industrial type Ceramics. Picking from the post-industrial Ceramics is not a compromise in style or quality.  Post-industrial Ceramic tiling is made from recycled clay tiles, and we’re well connected to offer this type of tile material upon request. Ask Tile Installation Gilbert about your green options that are available for your next project.  Water resistant properties is one of the reasons Ceramic is a great choice, and this makes it a very good choice for kitchen and bathroom remodels, spas, and pools.  High humidity type environments like laundry rooms, is where Ceramics are a great choice as well. They do a fantastic job of minimizing onset of hard water stains, and have a low surface permeation rate due to the intense of glazing used to seal it’s clay surface.  Tile Installation Gilbert regularly suggests using Ceramic Tiles in these locations: Bathroom Floors, Bathroom Walls, Pools, Shower Basins, Kitchen Floors, Kitchen Walls, Bathtub Surrounds, Bathroom Backsplashes, and Kitchen Backsplashes. 

Ceramic Installation in Gilbert AZ
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In order to provide the best quality and longest lasting tile system, we’ve required all installation professionals to use our proven tile installation process.  Each installation requires our team members to use a sealant to ensure long lasting shine.

We always hear about how low maintenance these Ceramic tiling systems truly are.  Our customers experience all of the benefits of having the inherent low risk for allergies acting up with tiling in general.  Its a great way to minimize the amount of dust, debris, and dirt from building up the home.  We all know that carpeting is a collecting spot for all types of allergens that we’re breathing.  By having Tile Installation Gilbert install a Ceramic floor, you’ll be sure to notice all of the stains, dust, dirt, liquids, and spill a lot easier than you could on carpeting.  Cleaning Ceramic is a breeze.  All you need is a mop and bucket of warm water with dish soap mixed in it.  If at some point there’s a stain that was missed, you’ll have tons of options to pick from for heavier chemicals to lift those stains.  Perhaps one of the best types of ceramics on the market currently has the Wood Look that’s been selling really well for years now.

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You’re not going to struggle having to pick the right style, design, and color of Ceramic tile to match your kitchen or bathroom project!  The added benefit of Ceramic is that your floors will be just a little cooler in those hot Gilbert summers!