Famous Daves Family Restaurant

A family lunch at the Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que

It was the special occasion of my parents’ 50th anniversary and what better place to celebrate, so close to home, than at Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que which is located at 2206 E Williams Field Rd Suite 101, Gilbert, AZ 85296, USA.  This is the directions we took to Famous Dave’s.

Every year we have a backyard bar-be-que but this year was very special! We were celebrating the marriage vows that bonded all of us. My sisters Rebecca, Cassandra and I planned the whole trip after hearing a lot about this place. We were sure that this place would be absolutely perfect for this occasion, and I can tell you we were not let down. The ambiance of this place is so homely and the customer service is so excellent that my parents were overjoyed, and that is exactly what we wanted. I guess I owe my best friend Christine a big thank you for eating my ears about this place. I still remember her jumping up and down saying “I’m telling you, honey! You’d eat your fingers with that food!”

The food was indeed amazing, be it the sizzling appetizers that my little niece Amy couldn’t get enough of or the St. Louis Rib-n-Meat that got my dad licking his fingers. After tasting every dish that we ordered, all of us would collectively sigh because of the sheer taste of it. My sister Rebecca’s husband Matt is a chef himself, and he was mighty impressed with the whole menu.

We had a seven-course meal, and truly every dish was better than the last. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! The hand bread was so fresh and the chicken so tender. The meat was just perfectly roasted and was not at all dry. Every blessed morsel was juicy, and they also serve this fantastic range of soups. My favorite was, of course, the bacon baked potato soup.

My mother is known in the family as the salad queen because she makes these amazing salads, but even she couldn’t beat the Caesar Salad that is served at Dave’s. The most splendid thing about this place was of course that every single person in my family (and we are 22 people mind you!) got something on the menu that we loved. My little son Ray is a fanatic for cheese, and the BBQ Pulled Chicken signature sandwich that was served with Monteray Jack cheese put this huge smile on his face.

On the whole, the experience was so much fun. The food was delectable, and their dessert menu is so delicious. I can give you my personal verdicts on each dish on that menu because we had ordered all of it! The award-winning bread pudding is now my guilty pleasure. My family has so many chocolate lovers, and the Hot Fudge Kahula Brownie satisfied their chocolate cravings. The Famous Sundae was also delicious. I am so happy that we chose Dave’s Bar-Be-Que for my family’s special day. It meant so much to me that my parents were happy with all of us shared amazing food and made beautiful memories.

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