Great Place for Family Entertainment at Freestone Park


My son, the Smith, was visiting us after five years during his vacation. It had been months that he had not visited us, so there was a humongous spark of joy and excitement when he finally informed us that he would be back home. While he was doing considerably well in studies, we knew he had a monotonous lifestyle there. This meant the loss of energy for the kid. As a father, I knew I had to do something to rejuvenate that energy and zeal. Smith had always been inclined towards Volleyball. While he extremely enjoyed being a spectator for the sport, he had always been keen to play it as well. My wife and I sat together and decided to go on a trip to a place we had recently read about on the internet- Freestone District Park. We told Smith about the idea, and he was totally excited.

This beautifully morphed version of the park was situated right down the street from our home.  We ended up taking the short drive to the Freestone Park at 1045 E Juniper Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85234.  After a few miles, we reached the destination and found it to be astonishingly extensive. The park was spread across an excruciatingly large area of 88 acres. While my wife and I exchanged surprised and astounding looks, Smith was utterly into the place with his eyes full of exhilaration and eagerness. After looking at Smith we knew, we couldn’t spare another second in the colossal parking space and had to go and explore the park.

The first part of the park that we decided to visit was the lake area considering my wife’s infatuation with lakes and fishes. We went to one of the two lake areas and experienced the serenity of nature just by gazing at the beauty of the place. I clicked a few photographs while my wife and my son absorbed the beauty and calmness of the lake. While we roamed around in the park, there were numerous things we came across. The park was filled with people with great zeal and enthusiasm. Softball fields were one of these. There were youngsters playing with all their potential. We then got to know that there were similar places dedicated to 2 multi-use fields, 2 Lighted sand Volleyball fields, 4 Lighted full Basketball courts and four lighted tennis courts. This diversity and extensiveness took us back for a while, but we knew where we had to go. We went to one of the basketball courts, and Smith started gearing up to rock the field. He played for a couple of hours while being completely engrossed in the game.

After having a pleasant time in the field, we decided to go to one of the Open Picnic Tables that I had reserved earlier. We had an amazing family time there with drool worthy food. Smith could not stop gushing and talking about the game, and we knew Smith had spent a wonderful time over here. Thanks to the sheer diverse place and surroundings. We finished our food and clicked a couple of more photographs. While we walked down to the parking space, Smith asked: “when are we coming back here.” We laughed, but we knew the answer to it was pretty soon.

It wasn’t until we pulled out of the parking lot that he suggested we check out Riparian Institute since it was close by!