Quench Your Thirst at Gilbert Arizona Temple


My husband, John and I had been having excruciatingly hectic schedules, and it had become a tedious task to manage everything. We barely had time for each other, and I could see how this was detrimental to our relationship. While the work was taking a toll on our health, there was an apparent impact on our family life too. I decided to discuss this concern with John, and he agreed. What could we possibly expect from a family if not time? After a deep discussion, John and I decided to take off from our work for a few days. It was the fall season, so we didn’t have any trouble seeking holidays. After spending a few days together at our place, we decided to go somewhere out to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. We wanted a place where we could not only feel more connected to nature but will also feel calm and rested for a change. One of my friends, Monica, suggested us to visit the Gilbert Temple, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. Immediately after hearing its name, we knew it was the place like home.

The church was not at far from our place, so we took this route on our way to Gilbert Arizona Temple located at 3301 S Greenfield Rd Gilbert AZ 85297. After a couple of our hours, we reached the place, and immediately we stepped out of the bus, we got to experience the breath of fresh air. We gazed at the beauty of the place for a couple of minutes, noticing how serene and picturesque the view was. Following this astonishing experience about the scenery of the place, we walked towards the church. The area was vast, and the place was extremely spacious spread across 85,000sq ft. When we got near the church, we brought into our notice the amazing height of the temple. It was 82.5 feet tall, and both John and I had never encountered any building which was this tall. We were, thus, truly amazed by the architecture adopted and embraced by the place.

John and I then went inside the church only to discover how peaceful a place can be. The amazing interiors were all the more mesmerizing but what really took to the hearts of both of us was the aura that the church contained. We were immediately relieved of all of our stress and all the confusions and doubts inside our mind settle for the time. We then went ahead and did our prayers. While sitting, I could not hear a single noise from outside thanks to the noise control-oriented structure of the church. This allowed us to feel the interaction with God and ourselves. That silence really served a great deal in the healing process of our minds while allowing us to feel instant relief and extreme positivity. We then went to the open hall and baptism hall, following this. That made appreciate the beauty and serenity of the place even more. The interactions we held at the place were utterly beautiful and soul-arousing. After our tour almost got finished, John and I could feel our emotional strength rejuvenate while embracing an increased appreciation for life and God. While we boarded the bus back to our place, we knew we had to thank Monica for this rekindling tour to peace.

Afterward we visited another great place to experience and enjoy in Gilbert called the Gilbert Farmers Market!