Great Food at Gilbert Farmers Market


My maternal grandparents had come over to our house for the weekend, and I had taken an off from my work for a couple of days. I had always loved to spend quality time at my grandparent’s home. Undoubtedly, older adults tend to have the most interesting things to talk about. I spent a lot of time to figure out what I could do to put my free time and my grandparents’ visits to complete use. I sat in the backyard with my grandparents, having casual conversations while taking long sips of tea. All my grandmother talked about that day was how she had loved having organic things to eat. She was a big organic eatables fan. While we were talking about this, it struck my mind how I could make their time with me, utmost happening. My workplace friends had been telling me about this place called Gilbert Farmers Market. It had all that my grandparents would love to see and cherish for a long time. So I went ahead with the idea and made sure my grandparents had no clue about it.

I told my grandparents that we were going on a drive and took the car to the Gilbert Farmers Market, which wasn’t that far away from my place. Here’s the path we took to get to the Gilbert Farmers Market located at 222 N Ash St, Gilbert, AZ 85234. So, after a few minutes’ drives, we reached the place, and my grandparents were totally amazed and overwhelmed once they saw the farms and reminisced the archaic times. It was March, and the location was just right to cherish the aura of the farms.

After gazing at the scintillating farms for a while, we excitedly pursued towards the market. My grandmother, as usual, was keen to see all the organic fruits and vegetables. As we walked towards the market, we could already sense the fragrance of the organic offerings of nature. We went to the market area, which was amazingly extensive and diverse. There were around 100 vendors selling fruits and vegetables of the best quality was apparent from the very look and appearance of the commodities. We went on to explore all the adultery-free products, and I could see that innocent-cum-astonished smile on the faces of my grandparents.

My grandmother did not shy away from even talking to a couple of vendors to know about how they maintained their farms and nurtured their vegetables and fruits. Most of them were local Arizona produces and were delighted at the sight of interest my grandparents were showing. My grandfather is infatuated with apples, so we went ahead and bought plenty of them. After this long and fulfilling tour, we were bound to get hungry! I saw a couple of food trucks which rejuvenated my entire energy. I took my grandparents to one of those trucks and one of the most amazing burgers in the world. It was full of fresh and healthy veggies. Besides being healthy, they were utterly delicious and were enjoyed by both Grandma and Grandpa.

We then walked towards the car after receiving the breath of fresh air that we all required. I promised my grandparents to bring them to the place once again for sure to have a glance at and take home non-stale and full-with-natural essence vegetables and fruits. We thus went back with a lot of memories, photographs and baskets full of organic products.

All of this walking around made us hungry for seafood, so we stopped at High Tide Seafood Bar and Grill!