Step Into the Past at Gilbert Historical Museum

Travel in the past with Gilbert Historical Museum

I was exploring Gilbert with my friends when we came across the Gilbert Historical Museum at the South:  10 S. Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ 85296. It was, perhaps, the most intriguing discovery. The museum was located at the Gilbert High School, a historical building of the city itself. Just as we stepped into the grounds, we were thrown back in the past with the sights.  It’s home to many wagons and T cars, among other older models of fire trucks and police vehicles, which fascinated my inspiring automobile designer friend, Tarry. According to him, these vehicles and wagons were preserved in the best way possible and gave a sense of authenticity.

Stepping inside the building, we were presented with an opportunity to visit the past in just 5$ for senior citizens and 6$ per adult. Each room in the building was a chance for us to explore an entirely new aspect of the city and indulge our self in its rich history. An experience worth every penny. The school itself is a historical monument, established hundreds of years ago. It’s the most well maintained heritage of the city. Walls were decorated with the photographs and paintings of older times as pointed out by my photographer friend, Jack. The photographs of families, older buildings, houses and farms were truly appealing. Each room was divided into different classification, with pictures complementing the ambiance. We felt as if we were in the past.

We learnt about the valiant Fire and Police Department, their services to the people and how they operated the vehicles along with the list of memorable members. The sacrifices and valor of the soldiers in the military room enchanted us to do something for the people. Everything related to city inspired us and filled us with a new sense of pride. It seemed as if we had been living over there since ages.

We then explored the Farming machinery and techniques practiced at the time and how the women handled the kitchen with the display of utensils and tools very well preserved. The cotton sacks for collecting cotton, milk separators, sewing machines showed us how difficult life was in the earlier era. But that was not enough as we were fascinated by the Quilt Workshops which was taking place at the time and we could join to learn it. We even witnessed some of the great needlework. Being an artist, I was totally intrigued to learn the trick of this great artistry work.

In just an hour of the trip, we attended a workshop where we learnt about the trains in the basement which completed this historical museum as it captured every single essence of this city. We couldn’t believe that such a small city can have such a rich history. The staff itself was very kind and friendly, and the volunteers loved to help around. On our way back, we wanted to make something for our family to help them realize the richness of this place, which the souvenir shop totally fulfilled. It was small but enough to offer everything we needed. This trip will definitely stay etched into our memory forever!  We took this route to get to the Gilbert Historical Museum

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