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A Granite floor is incredible, dependable, glittery, durable, and one of the oldest dense natural material around.  It looks excellent in kitchens, churches, waiting rooms, commercial hallways, office floors, reception areas, and any other place with high traffic.

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To the left is an image of an uncommon color pattern for Granite.  Quite often, floor tile made from Granite is more of a shimmery, sparkly, black with embedded silver crystal or gold crystal flakes.  Its quite common to see it installed in retail shops, homes, churches, and high rise luxury buildings. Granite is formed by Feldspar and Quartz bonding to create that beautiful glittery floor appearance.  There are similar attributes to Quartzite that make Granite and Quartzite appear the same. Granite is super resistant to staining, which makes this material a pretty decent choice for areas where someone may accidentally spill and keep that to themselves. Granite’s naturally impressive beauty comes from many years of liquid magma cooling while under intense compression. Granite’s highly elegant appearance has the ability to impress virtually anyone that gazes at it.  If installing a high-quality, superior, low-maintenance, scratch resistant flooring system is what you desire, than Granite is likely to be the best option for you!

Tile Installation Gilbert is installing these beautiful countertops made from Granite, all across the Phoenix East Valley.  Customers request us to install Granite pool deck inlays, outdoor Granite patios, Granite kitchen countertops, and even Granite sunroom flooring.  One of the coolest features of Granite flooring tile in Gilbert, is that sunlight does not affect or fade the appearance of it!  Another great attribute of Granite, is that it’s a great conductor of heat.  The heat that builds up at the surface likes to dissipate to cooler areas and travels away from the surface vs building up.  For the most part, Granite flooring systems are quite heavy, and they require a lot of pre-planning and labor before installing. Granite flooring systems take a long time for proper installation. We’ll work with you to create a solid plan and schedule, before our installation process begins.

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When the discussion of maintenance comes up regarding Granite, you’ll be happy to know that 99% of all spills will clean up really well with just soap and a bucket of warm water. There’s an added value to low maintenance that’s included when dealing with Granite. For those tougher stains however, Customers have used a poultice in the past. If the Granite is going to be in a high-traffic type area, we’ll recommend having it resealed once per year. Granite floors and countertops are competitively priced when comparing to other higher end materials. Granite has such an eye appealing look for kitchen countertops, and would be great added equity into a home or office kitchen.

Granite countertops in the kitchen have ideal material properties versus the other countertop options. Granite has a way of conducting heat very well, and if a hot plate or dish is placed on the countertop, it’ll draw the heat from it rapidly.  We strongly advise to use a wood type heat coaster or possibly a hot pad temporarily to slow down the heat loss from your meal.  Granite can also become discolored if it has really hot pans and plates left on it repeatedly over a long period of time. If this happens, there’s a number of products on the market to restore the Granite back to its original charm.

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Lately the trend for Granite has been focused around the White and lighter colored Granites, but there is so many different colors and styles and designs to pick from on the market today.  White Granite has seen a rise in popularity because it helps rooms “appear” larger and the impression of rooms “having more space.”  This Granite works cohesively when mix with practically any other color and design scheme available.  Granite is super helpful in reducing the potential for bacteria growth, lowering the perception of dust collecting, and practically guaranteed to raise the value of your home or office.  Another great feature of light colored Granite is that it minimizes the appearance of fingerprints.  Call us to schedule a free consultation regarding our beautiful Granite floor and countertop products!