Smash Your Lobster Cravings at High Tide Seafood Bar and Grill

High tide Seafood bar and grill, Gilbert, Arizona

Birthdays are amazing. They remind us of our growing responsibilities and also give us a reason to celebrate the day with all our loved ones. One such birthday reminds me of the time I was in Arizona for my summer internship. It was in the month of April that I went there. I had my birthday approaching in fifteen days. My friends, there were mostly the natives of the place. On the 15th, I was totally surprised as my closest people brought the most amazing seafood me. I couldn’t satiate myself to have more of the amazing treat, and hence I headed to this heaven near home called High Tide Seafood Bar and Grill. We decided to take this direction to get to High Tide Seafood Bar and Grill located at 2540 S. Val Vista Drive, Gilbert, AZ.

The Soothing sight

The first thing you notice when you visit a place for the first time is how it looks and feels. And trust me, it was love at first sight!  We were greeted with welcoming smiles. They made eye contact as well, and we instantly felt like home. The place was in every way beautiful. It was filled with children, and their smiling faces gave the whole place a merry vibe. This mystical food heaven is absolutely perfect for birthday brunches.

A delicious delight for all

I am a seafood enthusiast. So I like it in every way. But when my friend Gracy said it’s good, we all trusted her because she is very selective about food. When the lobster arrived (which was suggested by our very cheerful waiter for the day, Kurt) went nuts. It was fused with Pasta, and both the elements together helped our taste buds in experiencing the magic. The local flavors were so good that we ended up ordering more, and some of us experimented by ordering the other dishes as well. On a personal note, I loved the prawns.

I am now coming to the bar, the most loved place for young people. I had the most amazing wine over here. All of us tried the Mojito and LIITs. Two of my friends tried the mock-tails and absolutely loved it. Our little party ended on a high note with Ales and beers.

The most special part about the menu was that it incorporated a kid’s menu as well. So much nostalgia we had by just looking at it.

More than food

Apart from the delectable food, the place is also known for the occasional performances by the local troupers. They played songs which were enjoyed by the old and young alike. They also played my favorite song as it was my special day. It is not a loud place. It is a warm place. Not just friends, it is also recommended for date nights with someone special.

Best birthday ever!

Arizona will always be special. But what will be the most special about it will be my birthday there. You remember some places because of the people and some places because of the sheer awesomeness of the place and time. In my case, it was both. I will always remember my 24th.

Next year I’m planning to burn off all that food while visiting Freestone Park!