Marble Floor Tile

Could very well be the eighth wonder of the world, Marble, is one of the most highly coveted of all building materials in the Kitchen and Bathrooms.  Mined and excavated from mountainsides, Marble has always been a challenge to acquire.  These huge Marble excavations are trimmed down from gigantic slabs to make it more useable in the construction process.  It’s been well documented that Marble has been the primary choice for building materials in hundreds of castles and palaces for the Kings and Queens throughout history.  It has the vibe of culinary excellence in kitchens and an aura of the finest dining in restaurants.  Each slice of Marble installed will have a completely unique look and feel from anything else on the planet.  So many shades and color schemes available to pick from.  Some of the other natural materials have similar originality traits like Granite flooring, but perhaps not quite amount of allure.

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Marble Floor and Tile Installer in Glibert AZ

Be sure to have a regularly schedule maintenance routine for taking care of your Marble floors and countertops.  Staying on top of the polishing schedule consistently will make sure the vibrant colors, natural beauty and charm remains like new.  The characteristics of translucence allows the light to pass through the surface and excite the minerals below the surface.  Marble like all natural building materials, has a much lower impact on the environment than synthetic tiling that’s available.  Marble isn’t quite as economical due to the extra efforts to manufacture it.

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Marble Tile Installation in Gilbert AZ

Marble costs roughly ten dollars per square foot for the material alone, and the installation pricing for this material increases quite a bit if there’s custom designs, fancy mosaics or inlays infused into the project.  However, some of the best aspects of a nice Marble floor is realized when it’s highly polished.  The only downside to a highly polished Marble floor is that it becomes significantly more slippery, especially while wearing socks.  Tile Installation Gilbert recommends using a gripping type rubber mat on the underside of a great looking area rug.  Either way, we also advise being extra cautious when moving heavy furniture over highly polished Marble flooring.

 Another thing to always keep in mind when having a Marble floor or countertop, is that it will be a little more labor intensive.  Be cognitive of what others are drinking or eating, because Marble is susceptible to staining if exposed to acidic foods and drinks.  Granite is bit less likely to stain than Marble, and could be a comparable material if this is an issue.

If you’re faced with a project of repairing old heavy marble flooring slabs, you’re much better off having us seal them off, and tile over it with new tile.  Since Marble is quite expensive to install and nearly impossible to match for a repair, we recommend taking maintenance very seriously.  However, if you’re the type of person that enjoys a very elegant lifestyle and keeps their home looking immaculate, Marble flooring would be a perfect selection for you!  The undeniable feeling of comfort you’ll have with a Marble floor is nothing short of amazing.  Tile Installation Gilbert will be glad to help assist with the installation of your new Marble flooring or countertops.  Call Tile Installation Gilbert today!

Marble Floor and Tile Installer in Glibert AZ