Park Village Community in Gilbert, AZ

Park Village neighborhood in Gilbert, Arizona

The beautiful community of Park Village is located right next to Val Vista Lakes on the Northeast corner of E. Guadalupe Rd. and N. Val Vista Dr. in Gilbert, Arizona. This reasonably priced neighborhood is filled with midsized homes that attract buyers of all ages and family sizes to the Gilbert area.

  • The current home prices in the area are around: $200,000 to $390,000
  • The closing transaction cost of homes over the last year, in Park Village, is between $1,250 on the low end to $380,000
  • Median sale price of all homes in this area report to be: $307,550
  • The median cost per square foot of living space for a home in this community is: $178
  • Home Owners Association Fee is reasonably priced for the area at $195 per month on the low end to around $215 per month on the high end.
  • There are a few different types of living arrangements available for residents in the area: Side-by-side attached homes, single-family homes, townhouses, and lofts.
  • Construction in this development began in 1988 and wrapped up the final pieces sometime in 1994
  • You can expect to find a 1,063 square foot home as the smallest house in neighborhood but will notice that a lot of homes are a bit more spacious. The largest home in the area was deeded at 2,822 square feet.
  • The number of bedrooms: two to five, were designed according to the amount of space that was available within the footprint.
  • Two to Three bathrooms are respectable for the homes in Park Village

Anyone looking to purchase a single-family home in the Gilbert, Arizona area should make a list and consider the amenities of Park Village. With a starting price point of $160,000 for a smaller home, anyone will be able to save a bundle and live in a super safe community. The area’s highest-priced home is in the neighborhood of $355,000. Living space in the development on average will be a two bathroom, four-bedroom single-family home. Parking is ample with driveways being the most commonplace, and secured garages are available with almost every home.

The Arizona taxes on a home in this community will set you back a standard $1,645 a year. The homeowners’ association fee is nearly $190 per month, and these homes are valued at $138 per square foot of living space. The average home in the Park Village community will be listed around the quarter-million mark.

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