Porcelain Floor Tile

The difference between Porcelain and Ceramic are noticed by the differences in density and glazing processes.  Porcelain is more water resistant, durable, dense, and pure than Ceramic.  Based on the toughness of Porcelain tile, it puts this material into a category of being more robust and durable.  It’s more resistant to impacts and has great place in commercial applications.  Porcelain is typically rated at four to five on the PEI rating charts.  This makes the material much more economical for using in high traffic commercial walkways, malls, and even at home.  It has the ability to withstand discoloration or staining, which makes this a commercially viable building material.  Porcelain is also a kiln-fired and glazed tile, much like ceramics wood look only with higher purity and more refined processes.

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Porcelain Installer in Gilbert Arizona

 Since Porcelain is so dense, it means that it has a great ability to repel water and accidental spills.  Its non-absorptive properties make it one of the most ideal reasons to install this as a flooring system.  This characteristic of Porcelain makes it a low maintenance tiling system.  Damp paper towels will pick up the spills and scuffs.  A simple bucket of water with mild soap mixed in will be able to help lift and disinfect stains right from the Porcelain surface.

Porcelain Installer in Gilbert Arizona

You’ll save yourself a boat load of money on maintenance and replacement costs over the years by having Tile Installation Gilbert install a new Porcelain tiling system in your home or office.  Our customers realize the great value they have after factoring in all the costs of maintenance vs those other flooring systems.  Our commercial customers love Porcelain because it’s fireproof, and actually helps prevent the flames from spreading throughout the tiling system to the walls.  Its durability is ideal in commercial bathrooms on floors and walls.  Tile Installation Gilbert highly suggests purchasing an extra box of porcelain tiles to be sure they match in the event that something/someone breaks one in the future.  Porcelain is quite heavy, and will take a little longer to install based on the labor intensive requirements during installation.

Installing Porcelain on the second floor or higher in a building or home could require added engineering expenses due to the weight. Engineered structures will typically require engineering approval for added weight loads, or the structural integrity of the property could be compromised. For the price range of Porcelain material, it will typically offer the best value for your dollar, require less work than most, and lasts for many decades to come.

  A plan should be in place to allow for extra time during the installation process.  Porcelain itself is quite impervious to mold, moisture, and mildew.  However, grout is used to seal the joints and lines between the tiling.  Grout is susceptible to deterioration, so extra care and maintenance is required to keep the grout sealed over the years.

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