Slate Floor Tile

Slate flooring tile is highly dense, and that allows it to have the superior durability, have great strength, be resistant to chips, cracks, scratches, and breaks.  Slate is one of the natural stones that will not need to be sealed on a regular maintenance schedule.  It’ll look like new for decades if it is cared for using the standard soap and water clean up.  Just like the other timeless options (Marble and Quartzite), Slate’s also one of those timeless tile choices that won’t never become out dated, or go out of “style”.  There’s tons of different colors and styles of Slate, so let’s pick the best one for your home or office today.

No matter what type of Slate you chose, it will be a unique 100% original flooring system based on its formation within the Earth.  All of our natural stone tiles will have that uniqueness to them which is not replicable anywhere, and they all seem to look really good by boosting the resale value of your home.  Real Slate tiling in your bathroom or kitchen adds that richness vibe to your home.  Its a great material to clean up, and definitely hides the appearance of dust very well.  Just like any project Tile Installation Gilbert works on, we strongly recommend having an extra box of tiling from the same quarry to match if something happens to your floor later on in the future.

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Slate Flooring Installation in Gilbert Arizona
Slate Backsplash Tile Installer in Glibert AZ

Slate floor tile systems in home or business helps to keep it warmer during the chilly Gilbert winter time.  Unlike the marble tiling, Slate’s got an attribute of retaining its heat considerably well.  With so many different color combinations, schemes, and option available, you’ll need some direction in choosing the ideal combination of slate for your project.  Slate’s colors mix and blend within its own unique design, but they do come in options that have a more uniform or fixed color too.  It’s definitely no secret why the material is beautiful and timeless.  Kiln fired tiles, however great looking they are in their own right, just don’t even compare to the beauty and esthetics of natural Slate material.  Check out some of the other available options we have.

Mesa's best Slate Tile Installer will perform perfect Slate Tile Installation for your home

Our bathrooms never looked so good after a slate tile bathroom installation

Beautiful slate tile kitchens with matching slate tile backspashes

We install Slate Tile Patios and Matching Slate Tile Pool Decks

 A sub-surface sealant is added to all Slate tiling systems that Tile Installation Gilbert handles, prior to installation. We also apply a final outer barrier on the top, that protects the surface in the event someone potentially leaves a stain.  If y our Slate tiling system is in an area where it has a lot of foot traffic volume, we would recommend coating it with a light layer to help protect the surface from becoming worn out before it’s time. 

By far the most likely place to find staining or mildew growth on a tile floor is around the tile’s grouting.  It always makes sense to do preventive maintenance and seal protect those grout lines.  Fortunately for some people, grout lines that haven’t been well kept can still be replaced without causing any structural damage to the tiling. Much like other natural stone tiling that’s super heavy and dense, we recommend against installing these on the second floor of buildings that aren’t designed to handle the added weight load.  Due to the nature of Slate and how its manufactured, it super challenging to plan for a particular type of color scheme based on sample pieces.  It’s very difficult to match a sample piece with the Slate that would currently be available. We would prefer if you’re interested in Slat, to join us while shopping, so you can see the Slate in person that’ll be part of your office or home.

Slate Backsplash Tile Installer in Glibert AZ