Stone Floor Tile

Approximately ten years ago, Pebble and Stone floor tile have been gradually building up in popularity.  These types of systems are regularly being installed in bathrooms across America, and especially for use as shower stall flooring.  Natural pebble stone flooring looks very beautiful and super tranquil.  It’s these modern floor options that are able to withstand the constant running water in a shower, because these pebbles originated naturally from streams, lakes, rivers, and creeks.

Stone pebbles texture or stone pebbles background for interior

You could spend days going over all the different stone floor tile combinations.  They’re available in so many different combinations, it’s hard to not find what you’re looking for.  Natural colored pebbles and stone flooring matches and blends in with nearly every decor on the planet.  Since natural stones are used for the pebble type flooring, it offers a lower impact on the environment as well.  Most of the installation upgrades for this particular type of installation is from Tile Installation Gilbert’s shower flooring upgrades.  We do not recommend using any of the highly polished around areas that have water, as they present slipping hazards.  We do recommend using natural stone pebbles in the shower basins, and perhaps ceramic tile on the walls.  The highly polished version of the stone pebble tiles work really well in dry patio environments, and the complement the Arizona desert landscaping very well.

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These Natural pebble tiling materials can cost upwards to $20.00 per square foot, which is generally why we usually do smaller installations of these, or accent inlays around the patios. There are so many different colors, shapes, styles, densities, arrangements, mosaics, accent strips, and beyond to choose from when looking at purchasing a stone floor tiling system.  Tile Installation Gilbert will provide the information to help you make a sound choice. You’ll feel great about what colors, styles, and combinations are going to be used.  We’ll help bring that feeling of the beautiful outdoors into your home. Experience that peaceful, tranquil feeling of a pebble and stone floor beneath your feet in the shower. Call today!