Travertine Floor Tile

With the amazing popularity of Travertine within the last decade it’s definitely one of those steadily rising natural stone tiles that’s desired above all common tiling.  It was the rise of the home makeover and flipping shows that brought on more of that natural Travertine stone tiling desire.  Since the demand was being fueled by these shows, the manufacturers of this material began ramping up production to meet the continuous demand.  Since they have stayed so far ahead of the demand at this point, the prices are falling on the material lately.  That’s perfect news for the Tile Installation Gilbert customers!

Travertine Floor Tile Installer in Glibert AZ

Television definitely help to make Travertine more popular, but there’s a great reason behind that.  They started choosing this tile because of the great amount of durability and beauty that it imparts in the room with its natural colors.  Travertine is the perfect flooring material for interior and exterior flooring and wall covering projects in the home.  The color appearance of Travertine looks somewhat like the same tone as some of the Marbles, yet costs half as much on average.  Super durable and widely used Travertine has non-slip characteristics like stone floor tile that make this a great option to have around your swimming pools for more grip.

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Travertine Floor Tile

Travertine has excellent thermal properties, and will help reduce your air conditioning and heating bills.  Travertine installations are time consuming and labor intensive, but the expense will make up for itself in the long run.  Call Tile Installation Gilbert to get a free consultation for your Travertine tile installation today! 

Travertine is an excellent versatile tile for your home or business.  It has a natural relaxing charm and aura to it because of it’s aged looks.  There’s an element of Travertine that makes your home or office feel a little outdoorsy.  It’s aged appearance makes it easier to replace a tile later on in the future if one gets cracked because it will blend in a lot easier.  The highly polished and buffed tiles like ceramic or porcelain, are more apt to reveal the fine abrasions or scratches vs Travertine.  The natural tough finish of Traverting is resilient and scratch resistant.  It can easily be cut and formed into small areas.  It’s porous nature means there may be a little more maintenance than the ceramic tiles.

Travertine Floor Tile Installer in Glibert AZ

Tile Installation Gilbert applies a two-part process to seal Travertine during the installation process.  An industry standard penetrating sealant is applied to all pores on the surface. Then we use a sealing agent which acts as a surface barrier, after the mortar is fully cured. 

Travertine Floor Tile Installer in Glibert AZ

 Spilling acidic drinks on Travertine should be cleaned up as fast as possible.  Travertine is a little more susceptible to stains than other types of tiles because of its open pores, but our tile installation team will reduce the amount of cavities with a great sealant during installation.  Because of how permeable Travertine is, it does not make a good material for use as a countertop. Higher concentrations of acidic foods and drinks will prematurely break down the surface of Travertine if its exposed to it for too long.

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