Val Vista Lakes Community in Gilbert, AZ

Val Vista Lakes neighborhood in Gilbert, Arizona

The 900 Acre community of Val Vista Lakes is around some of the most beautiful lakes in the Gilbert, Arizona area. The highly established community boasts some of the most magnificent amenities residents could want. There are ample sports parks, a beautiful clubhouse, and bike paths. Within the 24 subdivisions, there are many distinct neighborhoods located along the community’s well maintained lakefront. Val Vista Lakes is a community that also has commercial areas, schools, convenient stores, medical facilities and clinics. The residents are always close to having their needs taken care of without the headache of having to drive long distances to meet their needs. The community is a very inviting place to host recreational activities and local events.

The majority of the community is made up of single-family homes. These wide varieties of homes make up an array of different architecture styles. The area home values in Val Vista Lakes are roughly $185,000 to over 1.1 million dollars, and these magnificent homes are all built on perfect sized lots. The homes on these lots are on average, four bedrooms and three bathrooms apiece. The most common parking in the area is in driveways, and secure parking is locked in garages.

The amenities provided to the residents of Val Vista Lakes is more of a resort-style flavor. The focal point of the community surrounds the clubhouse with lots of recreational and social activity events taking place. There are a banquet and meeting room, weight training facility, cardio-fitness gym, eight tennis courts in one complex, a spa, a tropical lagoon-style swimming pool with a beautiful beach, and a junior-sized Olympic pool in the clubhouse area.

There’s so many scenic lakes and beautiful parks like Discovery Park and Lakeside Park in Val Vista Lakes. The amount of picnic areas, green space, sports courts, and playgrounds is fantastic! Area landscaping is pristine with well maintained palm trees along the walkways, and the scenic landscape creates a beautiful relaxing pathway throughout the community. There’s also a smaller area that has neat round gardens with roses planted in them. Benches have been installed for the residents to enjoy the flowers as they wish.

The social calendar at Val Vista Lakes allows the residents to enjoy a thriving and growing variety of activities and club events that are supported by the community over the years. There’s a club for just about everyone. There’s a women’s club, community tennis club, and nifties club that community residents can join in building great friendships and mingle with each other. The community neighborhood is home to many different social events and local activities like yoga classes, Zumba, garage sales, dancing, swimming, gardening, arts, holiday parties, volleyball camp, and crafts. There’s always something for the residents to stay busy with, and they’ll never run out of things to be involved with.

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